Our Team

  • The Owners

    Owners Gary and Carol Schefe bought Coomber Bros Jewellers in February 2007. Gary grew up in the Roma district on his parents property.  Though relatively new to the industry of jewellery Gary and Carol took to the challenge with relish.  Being part of the Nationwide jewellery group helped immensely in their early years.  Having a qualified gemmologist, marketing and accounting people only a phone call away allowed them to learn very quickly and correctly.

    Since taking over the business in 2007, Gary & Carol have imported diamonds from all over the world.  With trips being made each year either to Antwerp, Hong Kong or America, Gary and Carol have estabished themselves to become known as sellers of fine diamonds.  These trips help them to meet and deal with the best diamond cutters and brokers from around the world.

    In March 2007, Gary and Carol were honoured when Coomber Bros Jewellers was recognised and appointed Antwerp Diamond Brokers.  This allows them the use of a designated office in Antwerp to sort and purchase diamonds direct from the cutters of Belgium.

    "Its not easy or quick to pick the right diamonds for the customer," says Gary.  "I have to take into consideration colour, clarity, cut and size."  "This may mean that one diamond may be a better colour than another but the cut is not as good so doesn't sparkle as nicely as the lower coloured diamond."  By having direct access to the cutters themselves and a far larger range to choose from, ensures I can choose the diamonds at the best prices.

    When buying diamonds direct from overseas Coomber Bros Jewellers finds that diamonds that start at .50ct and up are where the savings can be made.  Anything smaller can be found in Australia for good prices.

    To find out how you can save money and get exceptional diamonds please give Coomber Bros Jewellers a call on 07 46 221145 or email us on

  • Stephanie Edmonds


    Stephanie joined our team in February 2016 and is already an integral part of the team.   Stephanie is trained in the our engraving and sand blasting machines and most areas of watch repairs.  She runs a tight ship in the front of the store looking after all communication with the jeweller and watch repairer.   She is a great bonus to have on our team

  • Anna Coomber


    Our newest recruit.  Anna joined us in February  2017 and is  a great asset to the team.  Her eye for detail and design is exceptional and she is a  great bonus for the shop.  She has already showed how quick she learnsand is now competent in all engraving machines and watch repairs, and she has taken on the added roles of simple jewellery repairs.  Anna always brings a smile to our workplace.

  • Linda Hacker


    Linda Hacker since joining us has made our life so much easier.  She is very knowledgeable on all products and if she doesn't know something she will make sure she finds out about it.  She has organised our front of shop to make it run more steamlined which in turns makes a better shopping experience for you. If you can't find something just ask Linda and she will certainly do her best to find it.

  • Riley Bryen

    Riley one of our new junior staff members who works Saturday  mornings, afternoons and school holidays.  Already Riley has shown how quick she can learn new things and is becoming very competent in the engraving machine.  She is a power pocket and doesn't stop when in store. 

  • Mia Cloherty

    Another of our new juniors who have just joined us Mia is very quickly learning anything to do with watch repairs and is relishing in the role.  She works Saturday morning, afternoons and school holidays.  A little quiet and shy at first but with a dazzling smile she will be a great asset to our team.