Cattle & Horse Brand Jewellery

Brands are a significant symbol to much of rural Australia; it is most often passed down through generations, almost like a family crest.

With a background in the rural industry ourselves we were keenly aware of the significance to a family that the horse or cattle brand represented and this is what prompted us to create this range, so not only was the brand on the beast in the paddock, but it could also be worn proudly by the family as a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Gary a qualified Stock and Meat Inspector and fourth generation to the family property; had the idea many years ago but he was only able to bring it to fruition in 2007 when wel purchased this iconic jewellery store in Roma.  What started out as a range that consisted of a pendant and hat pin it has now transformed into a major part of the business, boasting 13 pieces in the range and these can be made into any type of precious metal required and also have diamonds or precious gemstones set into as well.

We have worked hard at streamlining the process to ensure consistent quality, price affordability and a quick turn around.  We have produced a quality product that will stand the test of time just like the brand has done. 

Branded jewellery capturing the history of generations.



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